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Have You Audited Your Work/Life Balance?

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have worked in accounting firms and private companies that are stale and uninspiring. Whether it’s your irritation with the horrendous Monday morning commute or the cubicles that confine your creativity to just four walls.

Plus, there is the additional downside of choosing to spend 12 hours of your day with your associate Brian Schumer, instead of enjoying your evening having dinner with your spouse and children.

But work, and your life doesn’t always have to turn out this way. You can make changes, request different work schedules, and strike a balance between what you choose to spend your time on, every single day.

Mom Corps Flexibility Movement

This is where Flex CPAs comes into play. We are here to provide insight and knowledge into the flexible work environment that so many companies are starting to take on. Check out the below links to learn more about Accounting flex career paths, resources and ways flex can work inside your firm.

Flex Career Paths

In accounting class, most CPAs are taught the path to success is to work for the Big 4 until manager, then leave to go work for a large Fortune 500 and work your way up to become a CFO. Though that career path is incredible for a lot of people, there are a large majority of accountants who want something different out of their career and life.

Whether it means working virtually, coming into the office fewer days of the week or even working just during the busiest time of the year, there are various opportunities available to the CPA who wants a different career path.

To help spark some insight into the flex opportunities available to modern day CPAs, Flex CPAs has showcased few job postings that have been released and why they might work for your career and life.

Learn more about Flex Career Paths for Accountants here.

Why Work Flex?

Most accountants are unaware of the incredible opportunities a Certified Public Accounting license can provide. In today’s world, with growing technological advancements, it’s become easier and easier for employers to offer career paths that include telecommuting, seasonal workforce and even part time remote opportunities.

You will need to answer a few simple questions to see if this is something that could work for your career and life.

Learn more about Why You Should Work Flex here.

Resources for CPAs

There are tons of websites and resources displayed for individuals looking to learn more about implementing flexibility into their work schedule. From CPA firms offering these options, to being able to request flexibility yourself, we have defined our favorite flex resources for Accountants to utilize.

Head over to our Flex Resources for Accountants page to learn more about the Flexible Work Movement, companies offering flexibility and which staffing firms recruit for flex opportunities.

Learn more about Flex Resources For Accountants here.

Firm Spotlight

As 2015 rolls around, more and more individuals are looking to enhance flexibility in their work/life balance. Workplace flexibility is not only possible, it is already been implemented in a variety of CPA firms across the accounting industry.

To help give you an insight into how a Flex CPA firm operates, Flex CPAs has conducted interviews with CPA firms who are currently implementing or have improved their workplace flexibility options.

Check out the interview series on our Flex CPA Firm Spotlight Page.

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