FlexCPAs Spotlight – James Lensing, The Expat Audit Manager

Remote Audit Manager

Today we shed a bright light on an accountant who has found a way to balance his love of travel with his professional career as an audit manager. James Lensing, audit manager at Patke & Associates, spends half of his year living in the countryside of Ecuador with the other half based in Iowa. James…

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Beat The Zzz: How To Work Late As A Remote Employee

Remote Working Late Post

Burning the midnight oil. In the CPA world, this can be seen as a badge of honor. The fastest path to the partner circle. Waking up early has some great benefits and if you can swing waking up earlier to get in productive time, we recommend to jump on that. Sometimes, however, you just won’t…

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Flex CPA Firms – “How Much Do You Charge For Remote Services?”

Defining the right price for remote services

A mistake many newly-minted Flex CPA firms get sucked into is in the matter of rates. In your head, it is simpler to just charge enough to cover your expenses plus a mark-up and call it a day. What separates a top performer is tailoring rates for each client individually. Sounds like a lot of…

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How To Beat Procrastination While Working From Home

Remote workers with dog

Working from home can have some mega perks: You don’t need to wear pants, shower is out of the question, you can eat that stinky left-over food without a cube-mate complaining about the smell. Pretty great. Best of all, you can make your own hours. Though there are quite a few perks of working from…

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10 Tips For Communicating With Your Remote Workers

10 Ways to communicate with remote workers

Most CPA firms shy away from offering flex options involving telecommuting and remote workers. Whether the reason is due to the lack of infrastructure, concerns with security or unwillingness to embrace new technology, trying to convince a CPA firm owner to offer these types of flexibility can be a straight uphill battle. However, there are…

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How To Contact Any Firm For A Flex Accounting Position


As a “Flex CPA”, you’ve got to be a bit of a go-getter. Working in a flex accounting position requires trust. With that trust, comes autonomy and freedom. People tend to trust self-starters more when it comes to flex arrangements. It helps to display you are the first to jump on the phone or tackle…

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5 Unusual Ways Employers Can Support Work Life Balance

5 Ways to Support Worklife Balance

We’ve heard it for years…… Work life balance. But what can you actually do – in detail to get your team members to rave about what your company offers? Here are 5 examples of insider tricks to building team member’s work life balance: Step 1: Make Fake Deadlines You’ve been there. 2 days before the…

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Best Work-From-Home Jobs: Running A Bookkeeping Practice

Kickstart your virtual firm

I want to let you in on a little secret: Most small businesses (and even large businesses) hate accounting! Either they don’t understand debits and credits or really get frustrated when trying to read through financial statements, there is plenty of room for accountants to come in an aid businesses. Plus, as technology continues to…

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7 Little-Known Facts About Working At A Virtual CPA Firm

Office photos

Roughly 10 years ago, if I would have mentioned my plan of having a “100% Virtual CPA firm” to my colleagues, they would have looked at me and laughed. The idea of a virtual workplace was only heard about in the startup tech world, and my “progressive” mind was often shut down by my fellow…

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Inside The Mind Of Millennial Accountants + Infographic

Inside the mind of a millennial CPA - Blog Post image - 4

“Millennial Accountants don’t need to change. It’s us ‘Gray-Hairs’ who do.” – Ron Niemaszyk, CPA Firm Owner From the surface, it just looks like millennial accountants are lazy, entitled brats who are expecting every company to create an engaging workplace with ping pong tables, putting green and free lunch meals provided daily. But, when you dig…

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