5 Unusual Ways Employers Can Support Work Life Balance

5 Ways to Support Worklife Balance

We’ve heard it for years……

Work life balance.

But what can you actually do – in detail to get your team members to rave about what your company offers?

Here are 5 examples of insider tricks to building team member’s work life balance:

Step 1: Make Fake Deadlines

You’ve been there. 2 days before the deadline and the team is in a complete panic. What if you started the morning off when people who are freaking out about all that has to get done in 2 days, with a hidden surprise.

“Gals/Guys – good news. We don’t actually have to submit this report for another two weeks!”

Now, that doesn’t mean push it off for another two weeks. It’s time to get to work and knock out this project today.

But if they planned on completing everything in two days, 4 days should be plenty of time left and let everyone take a sigh of relief.

No working late nights or weekends.

Build slack into your project timelines and keep it to yourself. The team will thank you for it!

Step 2: Hire Lower Level Support Workers (Virtual Assistants)

How many times have we had to prepare a document and endlessly copy and pasted hundreds of words or cells to get something done?

While technology is amazing, sometimes manual labor has to happen.

But does it have to be done by your core team?

There are tons of sites out there where you can hire high quality, remote data entry and support staff.

In many cases they charge $5-8 per hour (even less at times).

Your core team should be focused on the challenging tasks at hand and ensure they are spending countless nights entering data that an entry level staff or virtual assistant could handle.

Demand that your team delegate tasks rather than just work more hours. They’ll thank you for it as they now have added in that extra time to go towards their work life balance.

Step 3: Team Challenges That Promote Flexibility

Now I’m not saying your team is overweight….. but they might just enjoy a workout challenge!

Set the rules, set the prize, and set the timeline. Encourage members of your team to come in late, leave early, or take lunch to get their workout in.

While it may only be 30 minutes here or there, they might just love you for it. This removes the blame of work is getting in the way of their personal goals. Instead, champion these goals and incorporate your firm’s activities to implement more work life balance activities. 

Step 4: Check-In Meetings

The truth is, every team is different.

While we can endlessly list ideas of what work life balance options can help your team, ask them. Often.

The divisions managers should schedule a check-in meeting with all of their staff members at least once a month. Even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes.

The meeting should go something like this:

“Hi Jane,

Thanks for meeting with me, you’ve honestly been doing a great job lately, so thank you!

I just wanted to meet and see if there is anything I could be doing better for you?

<wait for response>

Thanks for that. I’ll make sure to try x, y, z…..

As you now we’re really focusing on work/life balance. What do you think I could do in that regard to make your time here even better?

Would extra hands help with completing your work? Leaving early a few days?”

Just keep asking questions until they give you some tangible items to chew on.

It’s amazing how much people have to say what’s you get them behind closed doors and give them an opportunity.

Step 5: Upgrade Technology

What repetitive and mindless tasks are you having your team do every week?

Get up to speed on the latest technology in our space!.

We’ve put together a firm resources section with recommended technologies that can help streamline your firm’s processes and help your staff work faster, on more important tasks, and give them the chance to work partially or completely remote!


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