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Flex Resources For Accountants

There are tons of websites and resources displayed for individuals looking to learn more about implementing flexibility into their work schedule. From CPA firms offering these options, to being able to request flexibility yourself, we have defined our favorite flex resources for Accountants to utilize.

We’ll add to it as we learn more, but you’ll notice that in the future we will reference this page quite often. We recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

Workplace Flexibility Community:

If you are looking to learn more about workplace flexibility and how it is working with different individuals and families, check out the below resources:

This is by far, the largest community of employees and employers looking to learn more about workplace flexibility. They have recently launched 1 Million for Work Flexibility, which is dedicated to bringing the benefits of work flexibility to more companies and people.

Learn more at:

Life Meets Work

This site provides a useful setup of information and tools for companies and employees to discuss workplace flexibility. The site managers call themselves workforce innovates as they work with organizations to improve team effectiveness, workforce mobility, and work-life programs that meet business objectives.

Learn more at

Workplace Flexbility

Work Flexibility performs high scale research on the benefits and costs of workplace flexibility. As of 2015, their research has found that flexibility, when properly designed and implemented as a strategic business tool, is good for the bottom line of most companies. It can increase engagement, a key ingredient for improving productivity; reduce absenteeism and overtime; and decrease attrition and its associated recruitment and training costs.

Learn more at

Work Options

Founder, Pat Katepoo, has created a site to help advise working mothers and other employees on how to have flexibility in the workplace. She has crafted Flex Work Proposals to submit to your employer in hopes of lessening your workload and leaving room for your life balance. Her best post we have read is “how to negotiate flexibility during a new job interview”.

Learn more at

Flexible Work Staffing Firms:
Flex Jobs

This is one of the best job listing services on the market for individuals looking for a flex work arrangement. hand-screens every job and company to make sure they fall under the proper description of a flexible work arrangement and come from a reputable professional business.

Learn more at

Flex Jobs

Accounting Fly has done an excellent job researching and posting accounting positions online. However, it is a little difficult in determining which of the jobs are considered “flexible”. If you do have some time to browse, head over to, select the location you are currently in and start doing some research on the posting. Sooner than later, you will be able to find a posting that offers flexibility, like this posting offering a Virtual Senior Tax Position.

Learn more at

Moms Corp

Moms Corps is a national flexible staffing firm that works to match professionals with flexible job opportunities suited to candidates’ qualifications and scheduling needs. For its candidates, Mom Corps offers access to flexible job opportunities, events and job search support services such as an expert resume service and 30 Minute Mentor Webinars. Mom Corps is free of charge to job seekers.

Learn more at

Pro Recruiters

This staffing company unites degree-educated professionals with companies who have part-time, contract and full-time staffing needs. Their mission is to provide the perfect match between client needs, desires and wants with associates’ knowledge, skills and abilities, whether it’s a stay-at-home parent wanting to contribute to their household income, an early retiree wanting to continue to work part-time, or a college student needing to earn extra income.

Learn more at Part-Time Pros.

10 til 2

This is a fun staffing firm that knows that the workforce is changing and that professionals now strive to attain a more satisfying balance between work and family roles. 10 til 2’s long-term, part-time professional staffing has given thousands of jobseekers the opportunity to progress in their careers and still enjoy quality time outside the office. 10 til 2 is always looking for top-notch career professionals to join our team and revel in the perfection of part-time.

Learn more at 10 til 2.

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