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CPA Firm Flex Resources

At Patke & Associates, we have designed and implemented various resources that allow our firm to operate at a 100% remote capacity.

Through the advancements in technology, and developed trust within our company, we have been able to significantly increase the flexibility within our firm and minimize our overall employee turnover. This has kept our clients happy, as well as allowed our firm culture to continue to grow and thrive.

However, implementing a flexible CPA firm was not done overnight. With significant changes in our software, coupled with the development of our flex trainings and policies, we have been able to define ourselves as a Flex firm.

Below is an in depth description of the resources we recommend to CPA firms looking to implement a more flexible options for their workforce.

Let’s dive in.

A distributed workforce is a workforce that goes above and beyond the typical office environment. In most cases, a distributed workforce will include technology that allows every employee at the company, access to work 100% remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Some remote working options offer the chance for their employees to work a few days a month from home. Others, like our firm, provide the option to our employees to work 100% remotely, from anywhere.

Having a distributed workforce has allowed our firm to retain top talent, including keeping a high performing manager who decided to make his move to Ecuador, just a few years ago.

Internal Chat Systems

Slack is a team communication application providing services such as real-time messaging, archiving, and to search for modern teams. It offers one-on-one messaging, private groups, persistent chat rooms, and direct messaging as well as group chats organized by topic.

All content inside Slack is searchable from one search box and it integrates with a number of third-party services, including Google Docs,Dropbox, Heroku, Crashlytics, GitHub, and Zendesk.


If you are looking for a cheap option to hosting an internal chat system within your firm, I would recommend checking out Skype. Skype is an appthat specializes in providing video chat and voice calls. Users can also exchange text and video messages, files and images, as well as createconference calls.

With a good internet connection, Skype can be the perfect internal chat system between employees as well as hosting quick free Skype to Skype via your employee’s computers. Very convenient, user friendly and works incredible as a free product.

Video Communication Systems

Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging, and a software-based conference room solution into one easy-to-use platform. Thier solution offers the best video, audio, and screen-sharing experience across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Zoom Rooms, and H.323/SIP room systems.

Zoom was founded in 2011 by experienced leaders and engineers from Cisco and WebEx. Thier mission is to develop a people-centric cloud service that transforms the real-time collaboration experience and improves the quality and effectiveness of communications forever.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts provides a free platform to host video calls with your internal staff or even client calls.

Turn any conversation into a video call with up to 10 users. You also have the ability to send files and photos to the users on Google Hangouts. There is also a feature that allows users to message each other at anytime, even if they're not connected right now.

Hangouts works on computers, Android and Apple devices, so you can connect with everyone, and no one gets left out.

Workflow Management Software
Jetpack Workflow

Jetpack Workflow helps small-medium sized accounting firms manage workflow, repetitive processes and build a paperless office.

At Jetpack Workflow, they believe in making even the most complicated features simple and accessible for companies of all sizes. So they not only offer in demand features like custom recurrence and client duplication, they also make them incredibly easy to use.

XCM Solutions

XCM Solutions develops and markets automated workflow and scheduling solutions for accounting professionals.

XCM is a scalable, cloud-based solution that is designed to meet the needs of firms of all sizes and specialties, beginning with sole practitioners.

They also have a feature called, XCMscheduling, which integrates with your XCM workflow software to give you automated, real-time resource allocation functionality, essential for tax practices, and calendar-based scheduling, commonly used in A&A and other areas of the firm.

CPA Firm Audit Software
Audit File

AuditFile is the “sexy” version of Caseware. AuditFile is the first cloud based solution for CPA firms that enables unparalleled management of the audit process.

AuditFile automates key parts of the audit process, from uploading the trial balance to generating financial statements. They've also developed proprietary algorithms that help auditors identify potential fraud.


CaseWare is a leading supplier of software solutions to accountants and auditors worldwide. CaseWare provides mission-critical accounting and auditing software used by domestic and global accounting firms and a leading provider of auditing software to governments, tax authorities and corporations.

We use CaseWare products to prepare, review and audit financial statements, manage client engagements, conduct detailed audit and fraud detection tests, track time and billings and support overall practice management.

CPA Firm Tax Software
Intuit Tax Online

As defined on their site, Intuit Tax Online is a new web-based professional tax software dedicated to innovating, re-imagining and streamlining tax preparation. For tax year 2014, Intuit Tax Online covers 1040 for federal and all states, as well as 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120s, and 990 for federal and all states.

Intuit Tax Online uses the same technology used by online banks and brokerages to transmit your private data over the Internet. Additionally, electronic filing services are provided through the same system used to submit millions of professional and consumer filed tax returns every year.

Agile Tax

Offering a full array of federal and state forms, Agile Tax provides time-saving tools and efficient features will keep your workload moving and streamline every step of the tax preparation process—meaning you can prepare more returns in less time to grow profits.

The electronic filing features were designed as part of Agile Tax for maximum ease of use and efficiency. And because you're operating in the cloud, you can use private, client portals to deliver your finished returns securely.

Cloud Storage
Google Drive

Google Drive lets you store and access your files anywhere — on the web, on your hard drive, or on the go. Change a file on the web, on your computer, or on your mobile device and it updates on every device where you’ve installed Google Drive.

Share, collaborate, or work alone: your files, your choice.

Agile Tax

Dropbox for Business combines the solution 300 million users trust to store, sync, and share files securely with the admin tools IT teams need to protect business data.

With easy-to-use controls, IT admins can get full visibility over how critical work files are accessed and shared, while letting team members continue to use the tools they know and love.

Flex Firm Resources

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