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Flex Career Paths For CPAs

In accounting class, most CPAs are taught the path to success is to work for the Big 4 until manager, then leave to go work for a large Fortune 500 and work your way up to become a CFO.

Though that career path is incredible for a lot of people, there are a large majority of accountants who want something different out of their career and life.

Most accountants are taught one path to go down as a CPAs and never get the chance to break free from that predetermined bubble. This is where FlexCPAs comes into play.

In today's society, with the advances in technology and the growth of the Millennial generation in the workforce, the accounting industry is beginning to realize more and more accountants are looking for flexibility.

Whether it means working virtually, coming in to the office fewer days of the week or even working just during the busiest time of the year, there are various opportunities available to the CPA who wants a different career path.

To help spark some insight into the flex opportunities available to modern day CPAs, below are just a few job postings that have been released and why they might work for your career and life.

Seasonal Accountant

For public accounting opportunities, a seasonal accountant usually is hired to work as an associate, senior associate or manager just during busy season. The time period usually lasts about 3 months and based on the firm, the contractor will be offered hourly & OT pay.

As more and more firms are realizing the benefit of hiring on seasonal busy season accountants, the opportunities for CPAs to work for just 3 months, and make a significant amount of income is very appealing.

Seasonal Work Opportunities For Accountants - Flex CPAs
Full-time Virtual Controller

If you are looking to go outside of public accounting, but still want flexibility, there are various companies offering full-time virtual positions. These positions can include basic bookkeeping tasks or go as advanced as hiring a virtual controller or virtual CFO.

As a virtual position, there are usually options for you to live anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to strong internet connection. On top of it all, there are online marketplaces for CPAs looking to offer CFO/Controller services to high profile companies, 100% virtually.

A company called Catching Clouds recently posted job openings for Virtual Bookkeepers and Controllers. As the company handles e-commerce clients, having a virtual office is all apart of their package.

Seasonal Work Opportunities For Accountants - Flex CPAs
Part-Time Remote Accountant

Yes, these opportunities are out there for the accountant who wants to work less hours but still stay involved in the accounting industry.

A wide variety of public accounting firms are beginning to offer these types of remote accounting positions as this fits in well with employees who have passions outside of the accounting world.

Whether you are a stay at home parent who still wants to work as a CPA, or chooses to work and travel the world simultaneously, having a remote part-time positions provides the flexibility to those accountants who wants to split their focus between their career and life.

One CPA firm has realized that they can recruit and retain top CPA talent by offering remote flexibility as well as different hour requirements based off of that individuals specific needs. Here is a brief summary into their recent job posting.

Patke Flex Remote Part time Accounting Position - Flex CPAS
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