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Retain & Recruit Talent

Within most CPA firms, one of the biggest cost of business is losing your “A” players. Especially if they happen to leave a month before tax season begins.

And, on top of it all, roughly 50% of the Millennial generation has considered leaving (or left) a job that was not flexible enough.

If CPA firms do not take workplace flexibility seriously, they will quickly find themselves struggling to recruit and retain the best talent.

CPA Firm Spotlight: Retaining Flex Talent

At our Flex firm, Patke & Associates, we have found that Flexibility is an all-encompassing term, and our definition has evolved based on the specific needs of the firm, team members and our clients.

We currently welcome and make arrangements for Flexibility along two dimensions - Flextime and FlexSpace.   All of our team members take advantage of both of those options to varying degrees.

Check out more about our firm in the below video.

Video Interview From Ron

How To Recruit Top Flex Talent

We decided to develop a How-To guide that walks you through the exact steps to take in trying to locate top talent looking for flexible work arrangements. From utilizing key platforms, such as LinkedIn & Facebook, to knowing exactly what to look for in a flex interview process, we have outlined every step in our guide.

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Q&A When Recruiting Top Flex Talent

Let’s say you have located a few potential candidate resumes that might make a good fit as a flex hire. The next step is to jump on a call and perform a formal interview process. This is where the questions make a huge difference in determining which flex candidate will work the best with your team.

To help kickstart the interview process, here is a list of questions to ask a potential candidates who are looking to work a flex schedule:

  • Have you ever worked a flex schedule before? If so, please provide the details of the arrangement and how it worked for your position?
  • Why do you want to work a flex schedule?
  • What are the things you are looking for in a flex CPA firm?
  • If your internet goes out, and you miss an important client call, what are you next steps?
  • What is your ideal working schedule look like?
  • ETC
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