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Flex Career Paths For Accountants

Seasonal Accountant

For public accounting opportunities, a seasonal accountant usually is hired to work as an associate, senior associate or manager just during busy season. The time period usually lasts about 3 months and based on the firm, the contractor will be offered hourly & OT pay.

Virtual Controller/CFO

If you are looking to go outside of public accounting, but still want flexibility, there are various companies offering full-time virtual positions. These positions can include basic bookkeeping tasks or go as advanced as hiring a virtual controller/CFO. There are also virtual freelance opportunities for CPAs.

Part-Time Remote CPA

Part-time remote opportunities are available to the accountants who want to work less hours but still stay involved in industry. A wide variety of companies are beginning to offer these types of remote accounting positions as this fits in well with employees who have passions outside of the accounting world.

Compressed Workweek

A compressed workweek schedule usually means the accountant will work the same amount of hours during the week. However, squeeze the hours worked into 4, 10 hour shifts instead of 5, 8 hour shifts. This type of a workweek will allow 1 day free, without sacrificing on compensation.

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Recruit & Retain Top CPA Talent

Within most CPA firms, one of the biggest cost of business is losing your “A” players. Especially if they happen to leave a month before tax season begins.

And, on top of it all, roughly 50% of the Millennial generation has considered leaving (or left) a job that was not flexible enough.

If CPA firms do not take workplace flexibility seriously, they will quickly find themselves struggling to recruit and retain the best talent.

At our Flex firm, Patke & Associates, we have found that Flexibility is an all encompassing term, and our definition has evolved based on the specific needs of the firm, team members and our clients.  

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